Antidepressants-6 Reasons Why some find hard to withdraw?



  • ANTIDEPRESSANTS is a Class of different synthetic/natural molecules (e.g folic acid) .
  • Anti-depressants have multiple role beyond treatment of only Major depression e.g. Migraine (Amitriptyline) or as Immunomodulators ( Fluvoxamine) or Anxiety Disorders etc.
  • Antidepressants Must only be taken under supervision.
  • Most commonly used anti-depressants are not habit forming.

Why it is difficult at times to quit antidepressants :

A few possible reasons are ( one can have more than one)

  1. The underlying depression is not over!!! and you are trying to quit prematurely ( applicable for Dysthymic people, chronic depression, adjustment disorder, personality disorders)——-GET YOUR DIAGNOSIS RIGHT.
  2. Self Medication: Some times in initial phase , where anxiety is associated with depression, Psychiatrist prescribe short acting benzodiazepines , with intend of withdrawing over the time! But a few self-Samaritans, skip follow ups and self medicate . These benzodiazepines may have addictive properties (ONLY IF NOT TAKEN AS PER QUALIFIED PRESCRIBER). This lead to hooking on the medications ( and the innocent man thinks he is hooked to anti depressant).
  3. Medical quackery: (Almost) EVERY ONE WANTS TO BE A HEALER. So, people who are not trained in psychiatry ( yes even you DM cardiologist to Mch Neurosurgeon-to Neighborhood Counselor-to MPT physiotherapy) can start with something with a possibility of putting you in situation mentioned in Point number 2 above.
  4. Improper Tapering Down: Anti depressants (mostly) are build up and tapered down with close observation.
  5. Emotional Dependence: a few people feel that once they are off it, they wont be feeling good.
  6. A short lasting withdrawal: For a few class of antidepressants a short lasting withdrawal can be experienced , but that can also be managed with simple measures.

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