How do I justify the cost of therapy in 2021? Is it really worth it?

You can justify the cost of therapy by following points:

therapy :



  1. Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” a course of antibiotic therapy”
  2. The treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means. “he is currently in therapy

“Counseling is a learning-oriented process, carried on in a simple, one-to-one social environment, in which a counselor, professionally competent in relevant psychological skills and knowledge, seeks to assist the client, by methods appropriate to the latter’s needs and within the context of the total personnel program, to learn more about himself and to accept himself, to learn how to put such understanding into effect in relation to more clearly perceived, realistically defined goals to the end that the client may become a happier and more productive member of his society.”

What/who is a therapist:

The therapist is a broad term. In the perspective of Mental Health, different people of diverse backgrounds ( Counselor, Special Educators, Psychologists, Psychiatrist can be the therapist).

Often people who are providing counseling/psychotherapy are referred to as therapists in mental health. But not all who provide counseling or therapy are from the same educational and training background.

As per the law, only Psychiatrist ( Who come from a medical background -MBBS+MD/DPM ) can prescribe Psychotropic medications. They by virtue of their training are the most comprehensive therapists, as they can provide counseling, psychotherapy as well medication.

Why people take therapy?:

A therapist helps a client in learning those skills/virtues which make a person happier and/or productive.

  • Happier: A person who is due to any reason is not in the state of mind in which he/she is struggling is resolved and that makes a person happier (than the previous state ).
  • Productive: Any situation or emotional state which hinders a persons’ socio-occupational functioning, is resolved which helps in achieving a better state of productivity (academic/occupational/professional, etc)

Justification for the cost of therapy:

justify the cost of therapy

The cost-benefit analysis of any therapy can be explained on the basis of :

  1. How much (covert ) losses incurring on you -Both short term and long term. Although covert losses are not easy to calculate as we are very less mindful about our potential.
  2. The qualification of the professional
  3. The experience of the professional price.
  4. The duration of therapy sessions
  5. The price of happiness you achieve/problem-solving.

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